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Water-Cooled Chillers in Australia and New Zealand

The water cooled chillers available from MTA Australasia are the optimum solution for both commercial and industrial applications, providing both reliability and high performance.
Designed to meet your requirements regarding versatility and energy efficiency, these products are constructed of durable materials and boast continuous operation and reduced management costs. To find out more, please click on the links below.


TWEevo Tech

Water cooled chillers
Refrigerant R410a
Cooling capacity 6.8 -169 kW. 
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Neptune Tech

Water cooled chillers and heat pumps
Cooling capacity 237 - 560 kW. Heating capacity 278 - 657 kW.
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Aquarius Plus 2

Basic and Silent
Water cooled chillers and heat pumps
Cooling capacity 380 - 1549 kW. Heating capacity 427 - 1740 kW.
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Water Cooled Chillers, Fluid Chillers and Water Chiller Units!

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